Library’s Mission Statement and Objectives


The Library supports the school’s program by providing the maximum service to the end-users through quality materials, updated information and conducive place towards a more disciplined study and research habits. 


            The St. Scholastica’s Academy High School Library aims to support the vision-mission, philosophy and objectives of the school by:

1). Providing books, audio-visual aids, relevant library/AV resources for the academic, professional and religious development and research work of the students, faculty, staff and administration.

2). Educating members of the school community in the use and care of valuable library/AV materials for maximum use and personal enrichment through various programs and activities.

3). Providing individual and group assistance for all users in the use of library/AV materials and equipment in their daily use and through the Library Instructional Program.

4). Enhancing the intellectual development of students and improving their reading habits.

5). Encouraging faculty’s participation in the selection of library and AV materials essential for curriculum needs and professional advancement.

6). Providing technical and specialized study materials to keep the faculty abreast of the latest advances in the field of education.

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